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TESA Hotel Access Control Solutions

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TESA Hotel Access Control Solutions

TESA Assa Abloy Hotel is the only Company that offers an Integral Access Control Solution specific for the Hospitality market. TESA Hotel is using a single platform to manage all related systems including the locks, wall readers, cylinders using Wireless Online, BLE, RFID or Magnetic or Dual technologies required to manage any Access points.

Our solutions complements a wide range of wall readers, energy savers, safes and other mechanical and electromechanical devices backed up by our experience in the Hospitality market of more than 30 years.

The single TESA Hotel software platform is capable of managing Openow, Read & Write and Wireless solutions at the same time.

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Choose the right Solution

TESA Hotel software is a single platform capable of managing Openow, Wireless On-line, Read & Write and PIN solutions at the same time The Standalone solution uses only cards and programmable electronic locks, wall readers and cylinders, there is no need of management software.  

Tesa hotel solutions


Openow - Turns the Smartphone into the Room key

Manage all accesses through the Smartphone. Valid for both hotel guests and staff, it allows not only to open the room door with the smartphone, but also the common areas, parking, gym or any door equipped with Openow technology. Openow speeds up the check-in and check-out processes, as it is not necessary to receive the room card or to revoke it in the reception. Maximum comfort for your clients, maximum savings for your hotel. This solution provides real time information: authorized accesses, attempts of openings, lock battery levels, door open alarms, intrusion, etc. Click here to see more TESA Hotel Openow Brochure

TESA Hotel Management Software

A single software to manage all the electronic devices, well known for its user-friendly interface, easy management and control of an integral platform.
  • Compatible and easy to integrate with most of the PMS of the market
  • Valid for all the installations, no matter the number of locks or users
  • Includes opening auditors, control updated locks, cylinders, wall readers or safes
  • Different Operator levels customizable according to the needs of each hotel
  • 30 time zones with 5 shift each. 255 calendars
  • Matrix: It allows the cross-referencing in order to decide which users are given access to which doors, which days and what times
  • Real-time management and control of wireless devices
  • Webserver platform to have remote control, integrable with third party applications

TESA Hotel i-volution

Design, class and innovative technology. It is the outcome of the overall development that TESA ASSA ABLOY has done to offer cutting edge solutions adapted to the latest market requirements, we present i-volution electronic lock, created for those projects demanding a minimalistic design compatible with any decoration joining the latest technologies developed for the hotel market.
  • Careful minimalistic design
  • The most advanced technology: Read & Write System or Wireless Online systems
  • Smartphone opening: remote opening or using BLE Bluettoth Low Energy
  • Secure encrypted communications
  • Total Wireless online control
  • A wide range of finishes and handles
  • Internal sensors control the door state (closed, door open, intrusion)
  • An optional mechanical cylinder can be installed to open the door in an emergency
  • Emergency openings are also recorded in the lock’s auditor
TESA Hotel i-volution Brochure

TESA Hotel i-max Electronic Lock

The i-max electronic lock is the latest evolution of our Spy Lock. This new lock maintains the previous generation’s major characteristics, yet exceeding it in technology, avant-garde design and durability. A reinforced connecting ring on the handle makes the i-max Electronic Lock an ideal choice for doors with maximum traffic and frequent use. The i-max Electronic Lock is compatible with mobile smartphone keys via the Openow app. TESA Hotel imax Brochure

TESA Hotel i-max Electronic Lock with Keypad

The i-max Electronic Lock with Keypad is an extension of TESA Hotel’s i-max Electronic Lock and a perfect solution for any establishment with an unattended reception. It enables guests to access their room directly using a personalized PIN, without any need for staff to remain on duty around the clock. In addition to a code for the keypad, this i-max Electronic Lock with Keypad allows use of RFID proximity cards as well as opening via smartphone with the Openow mobile app. Click here to see more TESA Hotel i-max UoC Data Sheet

TESA Hotel Spy Design

Proximity lock Spy Design, adds aestheticswhen design is the priority. It is a aesthetic and minimalist version of the SPY lock. Main features:
  • Design reader
  • Proximity Technology: credentials required to open the door can have different formats: cards, bracelets, key ring, sticker, etc.
  • Wide range of handles and finishes to bring solutions to the architects and designers of design projects
  • Mechanical security, with TESA mortise lock with anticard system, silent 18mm latch. All the control elements are placed in the interior part of the door, inluiding batteries or BLE module
  • Electronic security, information and communictaions protected and encrypted
  • EXTREME option: for extreme weather conditions
  • Compatible with smartphones TESA Hotel app (remote opening) or Openow(Bluetooth Low Energy)

TESA Hotel Donna Proximity

RFID lock in the Donna classic format is an advanced access control lock, with classic aesthetics and robustness. Main features:
  • All the advantages of the proximity lock that avoids mechanical wearing and a maintainability caused by standard magnetic cards.
  • Lock save in memory 1000 events (opening, user cancelled, locking plan update, battery state, renewal of cards, etc.).
  • Reading and Writing Locks (R/W): collecting of events, card cancellation,updating of the locking plan, battery level, etc. with no need to use a portable programmer, using only the card or any credential
  • RFID credential used to open the door can have different formats: card, keyring, bracelet, etc.
  • Wide range of handles and finishes
  • Optional design: customizable with hotel chain logo
  • EXTREME option: for extreme weather conditions

TESA Hotel Wall- and Elevator Readers

The Wall readers provides security to every access and perimetral doors, in any hotel installation. It is the ideal complement when it is not possible to install an electronic lock or to activate other electromechanical opening system (parking door, elevator, etc.). The wall reader activates a relay to open the access. Available in different formats technologies and finishes. Main features:
  • Non volatile memory: save last 1000 events
  • Up to 1500 users per reader
  • Available for all the technologies: proximity RFID unde ISO-15693 e ISO-14443 A Mifare Classic, Desfire and Class standards. Compatible with Tesa Hotel Read and Writte function, smartphone opening (Tesa Hotel app and Openow) and magnetic stripe
  • Different operating modes: Offline and wireless online
  • Available with 1, 2 or 8 relay board to install in elevators
TESA Hotel Wall- and Elevator Readers Brochure

TESA Hotel Energy Saver

It is proven with efficient measuring tools that you save more than 40% of the electricity consumption. The energy saver is design to recognise intelligently the presence of the guest in the room and be able to turn off the household appliance with higher electric consumption (air conditioning or heating). Wide range of finishes and technical features, TESA Hotel energy savers meet and exceed expectations.

TESA Hotel Management devices

Locks, wall readers or electronic cylinders from Tesa are offline and no wiring is required. Its management is simple thought the management devices for reception or back-office. Writing, reading, erasing or modifying cards and reprogramming a lock are simple tasks with management devices such as card editors, updaters or Portable Programmer

TESA Hotel Safe

Tesa Hotel provides a wide range of safes for Hotels in order to cover the security needs of the guests and facilitates the management to the hotel, under the same platform than electronic locks. No matters rental mode or free mode, it brings a better management for reception offering a collective solution to the guest (electronic locks, wall readers, energy savers, safes, etc.) Main features:
  • Motorized open and close function
  • 2 Anti-drill roller bolts of 17 mm.
  • Four 1,5V type LR6 AA batteries, low consumption
  • Anti-corrosion finishing
  • Carpeted interior
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